4 Tips on Planning Your Future – Guide to Healthy Active Ageing

1. Look for win-wins

Try looking for activities that achieve more than one of your objectives, for instance if you would like to get fitter and to save money, cycling will both improve your fitness and can save on transport costs. Likewise, if you are someone who would like to get fitter and also widen their social circle join a club rather than exercising alone.

How am I Doing Today? Recording our health and wellbeing

By recording how our health and wellbeing is today we can see the direction (and speed) it is headed in in a few months time. Our handy chart is available for you to print out, keep and compare periodically.

The importance of rest (and a handy technique for getting to sleep)

Rest gives a solid base for both mental and physical health. Though people need differing amounts of rest and sleep it is important that you get enough for your needs.

The recipe for wellbeing

Like all recipes getting the right balance of ingredients is important for wellbeing. You may be limited by the ingredients available, but you can make the best of what you have.

Introducing the Guide to Healthy Active Ageing

At Acticheck we want to give you some options so that starting where you are you can improve the ending. That’s why we produced the ‘Guide to healthy active ageing’. As well as offering it in bite sized pieces on our blog you can download it chapter by chapter. 

Fit & forget: Mission accomplished

This is a very personal post but I hope relevant.

Being good neighbours in cold weather

Advice given out by some local councils can help us be good neighbours during these colder times.

Probably unrepeatable…but worth repeating.

One of our users got in touch with us to say they had recently taken their mother on holiday and that they had left her Assure band ‘somewhere safe’; so safe, in fact that it could not be found.

Are we a caring culture?

Councils are being urged to deliver a culture of care in the 'Helping people look after themselves' report. Acticheck can help.

The Assure: a bit like telecare, but not as we know it.

The assure has a unique combination of qualities which together bring significant benefits to our wearers.

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