Why create the Assure?

Why create the Assure?

A while back I was speaking with my mother and she asked why there wasn't a service that could phone you up every day and make sure you were OK. She was not in poor health but sometimes it would be days without anyone visiting her and she just wanted the reassurance that if anything should happen she would get help soon and if the worst was to happen that her pets would be taken care of without delay.

The problem with the existing services was that they only work if you can guarantee to be by your phone when they call. If you lead a modern lifestyle where you don’t know when you are going to be in and out then there would be too many times when she’d come home to find a panicking friend. Times have moved on but essentially the telephone check still suffers from a lack of knowing whether you should be able to answer the phone or if you've gone out. There are generally override measures but they all ask the user to let the provider know rather than simply ‘knowing’ and that doesn't suit everyone.

Technology has improved hugely and there are all sorts of internet based devices that look to see what is happening in the home and then make assumptions from that; this is called the ‘internet of things’. They tend to be complicated to set up and work on the basis that people follow a regular routine. Some of them will only raise an alert when they spot something out of the ordinary, so if you fall over putting the rubbish out one night it might be 9.00 the next morning, when you haven’t made a cup of tea, that the alert is raised. This didn't seem good enough cover for my mum.

We wanted something that gave the best persistent protection (after all, you never know when an accident will happen) with the least system management possible.

So we studied what was available and what the shortcomings were and set to work using the best of technology to create the ideal system for the thoroughly modern lifestyle. We developed the Assure to be about the ‘Internet of people’ - connecting the wearer with the friends, family and neighbours just when they need it - and giving the concerned responders confidence that the wearer is OK, without pestering them.

To achieve this the Assure wristband has the following unique combination of design features:

  • A one-year battery life, so no recharging
  • Waterproof for showering and bathing (and dancing in the rain)
  • Squeeze SOS buttons, so no accidental alarms
  • Comfortable to wear being made from super soft silicone
  • Comfortable to be seen wearing, winning a prestigious IF Design Award for its contemporary styling

When it is linked through the stylish base station you have complete home & garden coverage and the following comprehensive alerts mean that the Assure gives excellent overall protection

  • SOS alert buttons
  • Always listening for signs of a fall
  • Wellness checks: Proprietary timed checks when the wristband buzzes asking the wearer to confirm they are OK by pressing a single button on their band. Ideally one in the morning and one before bed (and maybe one in between) gives everyone confidence in the ongoing wellbeing of the wearer
  • If the system fails (e.g. a power cut or internet outage) an email will be sent to the wearer and their administrators

Now you can also have a system that is good enough for my mum.


(and please remember that if you don’t get on with it the Assure comes with a 28 day quibble-free guarantee.)

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