How am I Doing Today? Recording our health and wellbeing

By recording how our health and wellbeing is today we can see the direction (and speed) it is headed in in a few months time. Our handy chart is available for you to print out, keep and compare periodically.


“To get from A to B you have to take the first step, ideally in the right direction.”

Always compare!

Compare with where you are now and where you’d like to be to make the most of your journey but try not to compare with others.

Here are some questions to ask yourself which will help you define where you are now and decide where you’d like to be.

Be objective, when you can…

So much of life is subjective but there are some very powerful tools that will help you spot trends to help you remedy a situation before it becomes a crisis. For example raised temperature that you might not even be aware of can indicate a problem such as a urinary tract infection (UTI). Also a high blood pressure is known as the silent killer (it is associated with strokes and heart attacks) so regularly checking your blood pressure makes sense.

…and be subjective when you can’t

How you feel about various aspect of your life is also important. By exploring how we are today we can identify where we want to improve (unless you are Mary Poppins and ‘practically perfect in every way’) and later on we will explore ideas for you to choose your new direction.

This exercise is just for you and no-one else (unless you choose to share it).

Print the sheet out and note the date. For each of the following aspects mark down how happy you are now. Assume that the mid-point is ‘acceptable’ and that things get better towards the smile and worse towards the frown.

An interesting approach is to answer the questions a bit quicker that you normally would to try and get the intuitive responses and then go back over the questions taking more time. 

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