Introducing the Guide to Healthy Active Ageing

At Acticheck we want to give you some options so that starting where you are you can improve the ending. That’s why we produced the ‘Guide to healthy active ageing’. As well as offering it in bite sized pieces on our blog you can download it chapter by chapter. 

Choosing happiness & wellbeing.

"When we understand the connection between how we live and how long we live, it's easier to make different choices."
Dean Ornish

None of us will be 18 again but there are sensible, practical things you can do to stay safe and active mentally and physically.  This series of guides provides some useful tips to help you decide what you would see as improvement and how you could get there. We offer some choice of things you could do so you can face the future happier and healthier by doing things you like.  Making plans and tackling some of the things that worry you will help.  We point to other resources and organisations which have useful information and offer guidance. And don’t feel you have to try every single thing we suggest.

This series of guides is about general wellbeing and offers all sorts of advice about how to make you and your circumstances work better.

Why choosing is important

Research from the Institute for Ageing at Newcastle University shows that maintaining your levels of independence in the small things helps stops progression into larger problems associated with a steeper and quicker decline. Often the first activity to become difficult is cutting your toenails. If you are having difficulty with this it is probably a sign that at least one of your capabilities is in decline. At this point you have a choice, whether to re-able yourself to cut your toenails or to arrange for ongoing help with toenail maintenance. 

If you successfully ‘re-able’ yourself you may:

  • Live 3 years longer
  • Get another 6.5 years of independent life (measured by whether or not you need help to cook a hot meal)
  • Reduce your final period of dependence from 5.5 years to 2 years.


With foresight and planning you should be able to prolong the period before any of these problems even emerge. If you already need help with some activities it might be possible to become more able again or at least slow decline. Choosing the right activities could lead a happier life too.

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