The importance of rest (and a handy technique for getting to sleep)

Rest gives a solid base for both mental and physical health. Though people need differing amounts of rest and sleep it is important that you get enough for your needs.


In theory you could find that you are sleeping well and have great mental and physical wellbeing without doing much else, but in practice rest is a foundation and some maintenance is likely to be needed on other parts of the structure.


Here is a handy method that you might find useful for getting to sleep:

The technique is said to work for 96 per cent of people after six weeks of practice.

  1. Lie in a relaxed, comfortable way.
  2. Become aware of your breath
  3. Starting from the number 300 take away 7 on every out breath (or starting from 100 take away 3 on every out breath)
  4. Wake up refreshed some time later.

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